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Production for singers & songwriters

Are you a singer or songwriter looking to record a track, record an album or build your own showreel? Visit BMA's music recording studio in Preston, Lancashire and transform your lyrics and ideas into a fully produced song!

Recording a song is a popular gift - for the first dance at your wedding, gifts for anniversaries and valentines, and much more. Whether you choose to record yourself singing, or have one of our session singers apply the vocals, visit BMA's music recording studio in Preston to create your very own track - written and/or performed by you!

How does it work?

1. First we will discuss the style of your song (ballad, dance, rock etc), the instrumentation and genre. Decide whether you prefer a male or female vocalist - and answer any other questions you may have.

2. We will then review your lyrics before the recording process begins.

3. Our production studio will create a demo song for your approval, consisting of a verse and chorus with vocal.

4. Finally we will record the remainder of the song, and deliver by your chosen method - CD/MP3 etc.

What are the costs and timescales?

The songwriters package costs £199 per song, payable .....

1 - £99 to create your demo verse and chorus
2 - £50 after the demo is approved, before the full song recording is completed.
3 - £50 before the final, mastered version of the song is delivered to you.